About us

MOHKES means an IDEA, as the name suggests we are a very creative group of professionals. We work on problems and create innovative solutions. We simplify the most complex issues, enhancing their outputs to give the optimum efficiency. The solutions are simple and very adaptive to customized requirements; be it an event, social cause or business. We have it all.

Services we provide


We offer various services related to licensing of MEIS, SEIS, Advanced authorization, and EPCG etc.
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Logistics Sector

We undertake contracts for state of art Pack-House facilities.
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Health Tourism Programs

We have commenced Health Tourism Programs for Indian Hospitals on worldwide basis.
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We have worked on many Government, Semi-Government, and NGO projects.
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Creative Ideas and innovative solutions


Our mission is to serve you the best of our abilities. To accomplish the task on given time, with minimal use of available resources. To solve challenging problems with efficiency and maximum output.


We are a team of winners and professionals tackling complex issues. We are on a journey to work on projects solving modern day problems. We provide services on worldwide based project and continue to work at universal level

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