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We offer you full range of services from licensing consultancy and SEZ consultancy to training services and mass public events. We have both resources and expertise to act quickly on your required needs.


We offer various services related to licensing of MEIS, SEIS, Advanced authorization, and EPCG etc.
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Logistics Sector

We undertake contracts for state of art Pack-House facilities.
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Health Tourism Programs

We have commenced Health Tourism Programs for Indian Hospitals on worldwide basis.
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We have worked on many Government, Semi-Government, and NGO projects.
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  • 01
    We process licensing requirements for MEIS, SEIS, and EPCG, with advanced authorization. We help you with input and output norm fixation. We also provide SEZ consultancy for unit registration, LOA, renewals, addition of items etc.
  • 02
    Input Output Norms Fixation
  • 03
    Redemption of Licenses etc
  • 04
    With our consultancy, you get help with MIL for starting a new project. Projects which are pertaining to logistics services and revenue models. With that, we also help you with MTDC. We give the best guidance for marketing of available destinations and creation of new destinations. We have also served government and semi-government organizations.
  • 05
    We are providing consultancy to MIL for starting new and viable projects pertaining to logistics sector. Also new revenue models.
  • 06
    We have been awarded contracts for running state of the art Pack-House facilities by Maharashtra State Agriculture Marketing Board. Here, we have started exporting Fresh Fruits and Vegetables from Nagpur region. It has created a proper col chain for perishable goods.
  • 07
    We are already In process of starting Health Tourism Program for Indian Hospitals. It is on a worldwide basis through our existing Logistics Network.
  • 08
    We are providing consultancy to MTDC for marketing of their destinations and creation of new destination.
  • 09
    We have serviced our projects to Union Ministry of Culture and ministry of Tourism, New Delhi. It has helped enhancing revenue of Indian Tourism, which has highlighted Indian Culture on mass scale.
  • 10
    We are being consulted for mass public events such as Fairs and Festivals organized by many Government, Semi-Government, and NGOs.

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